Lost Kids of Kenya

Lost Boys of Kenya

Lost Boys of Kenya

Lost Boys of Kenya

The Lost Kids of Kenya,
Reaching a Generation on the Streets for Jesus

Through sports projects, feeding programs, and HIV/AIDS workshops, Pastor Joseph Ongany, along with his family and team, is empowering children living on the streets in the city of Kisumu.


Blessed Overcomers C.B.O. is a registered community-based organization that seeks to sensitize, empower, transform, and support the community to promote livelihood.

Since her inception, we have endeavored to roll out highly individualized programs to help disadvantaged persons. It is worth noting that most of these people have no access to formal education and basic services, nor family affection and support. They are disfavoured individuals with poor chances of having a decent future; condemned to live by deceit, stealing, prostitution, or violence. Some of them are homeless and many who attend school initially are forced to drop out and consequently, relapse into illiteracy.

We recognize that these people are endowed with their own personal gifts and potential. Potential can be tapped and developed, with the view of adding value; first to the beneficiary and secondly, to the human capital in Kenya and the world at large. This, in turn, creates productive individuals, that would have otherwise faced a wasted life of lawlessness. Our strategy is to organize our resources into tailored programs that will positively impact every person, producing individual testimonies.


It is our vision to promote sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable people living in unplanned settlements within the city of Kisumu. We are committed to improving the welfare of vulnerable communities through transformation/capacity building for secure livelihoods.

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Kisumu (formally Port Florence) is the third largest town in Kenya with an area of 417 square kilometres (157 square kilometres of water and 260 square kilometres of land); it is located on the Eastern shores of Lake Victoria and has a population of over 500,000 people. Over half of these people live in the slum settlements which have not been urbanized.

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Soccer With A Meaning | Street Outreach | Training | Access to Productive Opportunities

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