O Canada - Striving to meet the needs at home




O Canada, Striving to Meet the Needs at Home

As God requires that we meet the needs of our own families, he also commands us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Therefore, we are committed to homeland missions in our great nation of Canada in pursuit of following the example of Christ.


At Alabaster, our passion is to see children and youth achieve their education. As school supplies are necessary in order to accomplish this, we seek to provide underprivileged families in our very own communities with back-to-school items. Such supplies can be hard to obtain when there is financial struggle.

Yearly, Alabaster aims to provide families in the Greater Toronto Area with school bags filled with stationary items, including writing utensils, paper, mathematical instruments and the like.

Help us continue to meet the educational needs of Canadian families. Only with your continued financial support are we making a difference in the desperate situations so many families are facing - offering them life-changing hope.


Though Canada is a prosperous nation, there are still countless poor who wake up every day, facing lack. Being a relief organization, we have encountered many single mothers who face the daily challenge of feeding and clothing their children, requiring assistance just to survive. Canadian families also suffer from unemployment and an inability to live comfortably and free from need. Furthermore, there are a great many children which face school on an empty stomach; hampering their ability to concentrate, learn, and grow into successful contributors to Canadian society.

Alabaster is committed to helping needy families in Canada through raising funds and doing yearly Walk-A-Thons. Through our efforts to do so, we have had the privilege of providing gift certificates, Christmas/Easter baskets, educational supplies, and clothing throughout the year. Long-term wise, we would like to establish clothing banks, soup kitchens, breakfast programs in schools, and sheltered-housing in the Greater Toronto Area. You can play a part in this by financially supporting us as we continue to meet families at their point of need.

If you have a burden for the nation of Canada and you feel compelled to help us carry out this mission, please donate today!

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