Sharmila's Story

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Through all of this, Indi has come to the Lord and she can't wait to share that with others and her children.

Prayer Answered in the Hospital: Sharmila's Testimony of Indi's Conversion to Christ

Hi Deborah,
I just spoke with Indi's sister. Indi is still in ICU recovery as it was major surgery. They actually removed 19 stones (two were very large) and they did not find any sign of cancer. Praise God!! There were six doctors in the room and they came out to speak with Indi's husband and her parents and apparently they were so compassionate. They were very positive and said that she would not have any pain now except from the healing process. She really needs our prayers as she continues to be healed.

The amazing thing about this all is how the Lord has brought Indi and her family closer to Him through this process. Her sister said to me this morning that had Indi had this surgery a year ago, they would not have had the opportunity to experience the Lord the way they did during these past months. Just before Indi went into surgery, she said I am going to now receive my miracle. This entire family has been touched by God's amazing love, His mercy and grace.

As I write this I recall the day you arrived at St. Michael's hospital in Toronto to visit Indi and you prayed with her. At the time, she was in so much pain and they had not ordered the meds she needed. She thought for sure she would have to wait another number of hours before she got any relief. Her dad was telling my other uncle the next day what a miracle it was - that as soon as you had just finished praying and telling us the story of a man who saw Jesus in the middle of the night and was healed - the doctors and nurses came in with the right meds. It was an answer to prayer!! Indi was in so much pain, she needed that relief. Also, the next day our Pastor went to visit her and none of us were expecting to see Indi up and about walking around with her "pole." She looked so much at peace, with such hope in her eyes...she could not wait for Jesus to come and visit with her (she has never forgotten that you told her one day He will come and visit her).

I know when Indi comes home; she will have a beautiful story and testimony of how the Lord has touched her life. She recently told her sister that she can't wait to tell others about what she has gone through and what the Lord is doing in her life. As you know, Indi and her family were raised as Hindus. Through all of this, Indi has come to the Lord and she can't wait to share that with others and her children.

Debbie, thank you so much for all your prayers for Indi and her family.

God Bless you!

Sharmila ~ Toronto, Ontario