Brenda's Story

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The Lord was trying to tell me something: "I am here for you whenever you need Me."

God's Little Buddy: Brenda's Story

I had a wonderful time at your conference [2005] you held in April. The work schedule I usually have doesn't allow me to take weekends off yet, because I haven't been with them that long. I was debating for a couple of weeks whether or not I was going to go to the conference. I had phoned Deborah and told her that I couldn't go unless a miracle happened. She said that she would pray for me to get the weekend off. I was working on a special project for two weeks, so my regular schedule was interrupted. When my supervisor called me on Friday, she asked what shift I wanted to work so I picked an early afternoon start time. She then informed that with that shift, I had Friday and Saturday off for the next two weeks. I was talking to one of the girls and told them that I had Friday and Saturday off the following weekend - not realizing that it was the weekend of the conference. Then, a light went on in my mind. Now, if only I had the funds to go. Here I am in another predicament. I called Deborah to let her know that I had the days off but no funds to go. So, once again, she was praying for me to get the funds. One day later, I phoned back to Deborah and told her I was able to go because I had received the funds.

Along with the great words that were shared with us, we met new friends and were sharing our own testimonies with each other. During this weekend, I was touched by the Holy Spirit. The reason I know this is because I trust no one to catch me if I fall (especially back), but this time I was on the floor before I knew what hit me. As I lay on the floor, aware of things happening around me, I could not (for some unknown reason) get up or open my eyes. The Lord wasn't done with me yet. As I lay there all I could see was a bright light, and it was very calming and reassuring. The Lord was trying to tell me something: "I am here for you whenever you need Me."

Later, Deborah had told me that God had shared with her that I was his little buddy. I would always be there for someone in their time of need and if something needed to be done, I would be there to get it done. I am God's buddy. For the next week at work I had a very strong feeling of happiness and it was rubbing off onto others, wondering what had overcome me. So, of course, I had to share what happened, telling about the Lord touching my life in such a glorious way.

God Bless, and I hope you can feel the same way I feel now.

Brenda ~ Oshawa, Ontario